Apple Watch Adapter for MobileVision Bamboo Stands and Charging Stations

  • Brand:MobileVision
  • Product Code:1842AA
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Charge your Apple Watch with ease and style using the Bamboo Apple Watch Charger Adapter.
This adapter is designed to clip-fit onto the side of most MobileVision Bamboo Stands and Charging Organizers. The adapter’s top is precision-machined cut to fit all Apple Watch chargers and cables. Hide and manage the long cord easily inside the Bamboo Stand base. Simply clip the adapter to the sidewall of the Bamboo Stand base and it is ready for use.

Compatible MobileVision Stands:  

Original Bamboo Stand (SKU: 1819AA) & Bamboo Charging Station Combo (SKU: 1819AB)

Bamboo Stand with Extension (SKU: 1834AA) & Bamboo Stand with Extension Combo (SKU: 1834BB)

Slim Stand (SKU: 1843AA) & Slim Stand Combo (SKU: 1843AB)

Bamboo Stand with Speaker Cutout (SKU: 1841AA)

*Product listing for Apple Watch Adapter only, Bamboo Charging Stand not included

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