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The Zip2Go Case for iPad, Nexus 10, Surface RT 7 Pro, and other 10" tablets is a tough, black nylon all-purpose travel case. 

The no-nonsense nylon exterior keeps your device safe and ensure that the case will keep its good looks after extensive use. In addition to its high-quality construction, the Zip2Go offers two separate compartments to store your device and all its accessories. The exterior of the case features a slim tuck-away pocket for a boarding pass, or other papers, while the interior of the case has ample room for anything you device needs on the go. The front compartment features a pocket for device or paper/pad storage, as well as an optional adhesive mounting pad if you prefer to keep your device attached but usable while in the case. The second compartment features a zippered cargo net bag, as well as an elastic storage mat that lets you store your headphones, charger, emergency battery pack, external media, or whatever else you may need in the arrangement that works best for you. In addition, the case offers a convenient key ring and stylus/pen storage. Zippered closures keep your device and accessories secure and protected from other items in your bag. 


Fits all versions of iPad, Nexus 10 and other 10" tablets.

Multiple compartments and storage options keep all your accessories organized.

Durable Black Nylon Exterior with secure zipper closure / Exterior hand-strap allows for easy carrying.

Interior adhesive mounting pad gives the option of keeping your device attached for worry-free in-case reading.

Exterior tuck-away pocket is perfect for boarding pass and other paper storage.

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