CE Supply Donates To Nepal Earthquake Children's Relief Fund

In the past few months we have all been touched by the suffering of millions of lives affected by the earthquake in nepal.

The aftermath of such tragedy has invoked amazing international aid from various regions of the world.
Ce supply could not overlook the responsibility of helping those institutions that are providing disaster relief to the millions of people in nepal. 
We have donated a portion of our profits to save the children in support of the nepal earthquake children's relief fund. Our help along with the help of thousands of other organizations is assisting with making a positive impact on the lives of millions of children and families who need food, clothes, shelter, sanitary and medical assistance. We are proud to make a difference and hope to provide a little extra comfort to the nepalese families.

We thank you for purchasing our products and with that action, directly participating in this cause with us. Let's continue to work towards constructing a better world for our generation and the ones to come.