Multi-Use Vehicle Charger and Powermod In-Vehicle Charger Combo



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Multi-Use Vehicle Charger and Powermod In Vehicle Charging Combo

The Multi-Use Vehicle Charger adds two USB charging ports and two Universal DC adapters, providing a heavy-duty 15 amp capacity for all your devices. With the added extra bonus of a Powermod In Vehicle car charger you now have the capability to charge your Quick Charge compatible devices up to 75 % faster.


Combo includes the popular selling Multi-Use Vehicle Charger and Powermod Quick Charge In-Vehicle Car charger.
Turn one vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter into a power source for multiple devices. 
Powermod Quick Charge In-Vehicle Charger utilizes Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology to reduce charging time by up to 75% for compatible devices, Charging cable included
Pair the Multi-Use Vehicle Charger with the Powermod Car Charger and create the first ever fast charging power source for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets and other gadgets right in your car
Charge up to four devices from a single 12 V DC socket (cigarette lighter socket) in your vehicle
Also, perfect for RV and Trailer use with mounting options available, a necessary companion for those long road trips and with the enabled Quick Charge technology, charge up even on shortest car rides.

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